Tent Hire 6 persons
Glamping in a luxury De Waard rental tentpanorama de waard rental tent

Our big family tents are for rent since our opening season in 2001. They are very popular among our guests.

De Waard rental tent sleeping areaThe big rental tent, is spacious, very robust, and harmonizes nicely in the nature around us. This tent offers space for six people.

With a living space of 9 m² and three sleeping areas of 1,5 x 2,50m, you have a spacious camping facility. The tent has 2 beds and 4 comfortable self inflatable camping mattresses of 10cm, cooking gear, a fridge, cutlery, kitchenware and tableware and a wooden garden set.

Rental tent cupboard and fridge

You only need to bring along sleeping bags for the children, bed covers (220 x 240 cm) and pillows.


Rental standard price:
300 €/p.wk - 45 €/p.night low season
500 €/p.wk - 78 €/p.night mid season
645 €/p.wk - 108 €/p.night high season

Karsten rental tents
Glamping in a luxury Karsten inflatable rental tent

Karsten rental tent

Camping without owning a tent and a bit more luxurious! No fuss getting all your gear, putting up your tent and sleeping on real beds without worries.

Rental tentWe have completely furnished Karsten tents for rent. Luxury, inflatable tents (5 x 3.80m, 2.30m high). These 6 persons tents are furnished for 4 for extra comfort. The tent includes 4 beds with mattresses, duvets (220 x 240 cm), pillows, cooking gear, a fridge with freezer, cooking and tableware, cutlery, a garden set and lights. You only need to bring your own towels and covers (also available for rent).Karsten rental tent with real beds, fridge, cooking and tableware.

Now for rent for a holiday without hazzle!

Rental standard price:
300 €/p.wk - 45 €/p.night low season laagseizoen
485 €/p.wk - 75 €/p.night mid season
570 €/p.wk - 95 €/p.night high season



Caravan for rent
You don’t have to bring it, it’s already there!

rent a caravan on a small family camp-site

Our luxury, 4 persons caravan is on a nice spot on the campsite. The caravan is fully equipped, which includes electricity, gas, cooking gear, a fridge, cutlery, a garden set, coffee maker, etc.caravan interior

All of this from € 225 per week / € 35 per night !!!

Leave your own caravan at home and save on overnight stops, toll, fuel and save yourself the hazzle of packing, setting up and breaking up!

caravan toilet

Relax and enjoy a holiday at our campsite!

Rental standard price:
225 €/p.wk - 35 €/p.night low season
405 €/p.wk - 60 €/p.night mid season
495 €/p.wk - 82 €/p.night high season

caravan interior

 caravan rent

We rent out nice cottages and our fully equipped De Waard and Karsten tents. You can rent also our rental caravan. As with us real camping is a principal what leads to the positive effect that our camping guests are real campers and nature lovers.

Below you see an overview of other practical equipment available for rent for all of our camping guests.

Please note; to keep our material in top condition, a deposit will be required for all rental equipment. This will be refunded upon return of the equipment clean and without any damage.