Hiking and running
Super base with beautiful hiking trails in the immediate surroundings!

Walking in the Sidobre

From the campsite

Running a nice lap (about 6 km) from the campsite to start the day fresh. At the reception there is a detailed map and we are more than happy to tell you all about the walking and running possibilities.

Below you can fiend just a couple of options:

Boucle de la Durencuse

Distance: 3 hours for the complete walk and 1,5 hours for the short walk

Beautiful, varied walk from the little village Le Bez with great views. The walk is 10 kilometres long and has a hight difference from 640 meters up to 820 meters. This walk will take you about 3 hours. It is also possible to cut off a part of this walk and make it a 1,5 hour walk.

Download the map and the summary of the walk by clicking on the button below.


In the Sidobre

Le Sentier des MerveillesWalking in the Sidobre, Roc de l oie

Distance: 1,5 hours for the entire walk and 45 minutes for the short walk

The walk across the Plateau de Crémaussel.
This plateau dominates the valley of the river the l'Agoût and is called in occitaan "le puechpeyrou" (colline pierreuse=hill with stones). Here we can find the most fascinating stones in the Sidobre that continue to impress both young and old.

The meaning of Crémaussel in Occitan is; le lieu o on brûle l'oiseau = the place were we burn the bird. To create new farmlands the farmers used to burn down big lots of land. Le roc de l'oie was surrounded by fire and because he was at a high point, everyone in the surrounding had a good view on the spectacle!

Download the map and the summary of the walk by clicking on the button below.



La Balade des Légendes

Distance: 1 ¾ hours for the entire walk and 50 minutes for the short walk

For the "Balade des Légendes" 46 school children made drawings of the legends of the Sidobre. During the walk you will see 8 of these drawings.
In a ravine in the valley “de la Durencuse", you will find an enormous pile of big granite rocks called "le chaos de la Balme". This is one of the most impressive rock formations of the Sidobre.
The natural forms are stunning. Examples are “grotte du loup” (cave of the wolf) and “balme du béret", both near the spot where they first started handling granite stones.


At the office of tourism in Brassac and in the Sidobre you can buy a booklet with 10 hiking trails, which we also lend out at the reception. We also have books named: "Les Sentiers d'Emelie dans le Tarn" at the reception. These are very nice walks you can do with your children. We can lend out these books or make a copy of the walk.

Be careful and be prepared when going on a walk. Camping Le Plô and the authors of the maps are not to be held responsible for any inconvenience or accidents during a walk.